Mastermind Retreat

Elevate 2024! April 22 – 25 Curaçao! Theme this year: Pura Vida!

3 full days in luxury and with like-minded people working on your Pura Vida on sunny Curacao

For our Elevate 2024, the theme is MINDPOWER MAJESTY:

Pura Vida with a sunny horizon in Curaçao!

In the business world, it’s not just about reaching the top but also about staying there in a powerful and authentic way, navigating like true leaders. We invite you on a mindpower journey of self-discovery, professional growth, and new connections.

Welcome to Elevate 2024, the most exclusive Mastermind Retreat on the sun-kissed island of Curaçao.

Why participate in Elevate 2024?

As a dedicated professional, you know that success depends not only on your knowledge but also on your network, leadership skills, and thinking prowess. Our Mastermind Retreat provides the perfect environment to nourish and optimize your thought process, giving you space for thinking time, fostering innovation, and refining strategies where needed. Curaçao’s tropical paradise serves as an inspiring backdrop for this crucial journey to business mastery.

Why Curaçao?

Imagine yourself under the radiant sun, surrounded by the azure Caribbean Sea and pearl-white beaches, among a group of valuable like-minded thinking partners. That’s the environment where we’ll elevate your creative thinking and mindpower to new heights. Our luxury resort in Curaçao not only offers breathtaking views but also the privacy and serenity necessary for profound reflection and strategic planning.

Like-minded and Thinking Partners

At Elevate, we also promote the power of synergy. Join like-minded professionals and thinking partners who share your vision and challenge you to think beyond. Our exclusive community offers not only professional connections but also valuable friendships that withstand the test of time.

Silence and Thinking Time

Amidst the bustling energy of business, we understand the importance of silence. Hence, we’ve created special moments for reflection and contemplation. Allow yourself the luxury of time and space to focus on what truly matters.

P.S. Important information for participants:

We kick off each day at 9:00, and Mastermind Elevators can start their day with a refreshing swim and breakfast.


In addition to participating in intervision, networking, brainstorming, speakers, workshops, and an island office visit, our Mastermind Elevators will also enjoy snacks, drinks, and lunch during the days.


Mastermind Elevators have free time for evening programs from 18:00 and can organize group activities.

Date: April 22nd to 24th, 2024. We start on April 21st with an evening welcome drinks session “Ban Topa.”

Not included are the ticket, accommodation, and dinner.

Participation cost: EUR 995 excl. VAT*

The location is Coral Estate in Curaçao, where you can independently reserve a villa or hotel room. The complex features 2 restaurants, wellness, a pool, and a beach, all with stunning sea views!

For assistance with your flight and accommodation, Ms. Patricia van Trigt from Your Travel will be able to assist you. Tel: 0617188229 – patriciavantrigt@yourtravel.nl

For car rental, Mrs. Chantal Arets from LivCuracao Car Rental can serve our masterminders via www.livcuracaocarrental.com Tel no. 00 5999528 5982

Are you joining?

Sign up via events@thebridge.amsterdam, mentioning Elevate 2024!

*If you are a golden-ticket holder, inquire about your exclusive terms.

Why a Mastermind Retreat ?

For Top Performers, moments of silence and relaxing together with like-minded people are important to work and discuss the next big step!

The legal advisors, investors and other corporates that come together are high performers who are able to make time for reflection, leadership skills, and sparring about the bigger plan.


This all happens in a beautiful luxurious place on Curacao, with a select company, delicious food, beautiful sunset in a fantastic atmosphere. As people and professionals, participants leave with new insights and new business friends.


We would like to welcome you to the next edition in 2024 on Curacao. Elevate 2024 with once again interesting speakers and participants.


What’s in it for you?

  • Clarity in new possibilities.
  • Space and distance to clarify your vision.
  • Golden opportunity to work on powerful (self) leadership skills.
  • Freedom and control to work out your own conditions.
  • Opportunity to connect for a greater purpose.
  • You will experience strength on a different level.
  • Opportunity to work on your Legacy Leadership.

Grab your chance!

“Five years from now you want to be able to say you chose this life, not settle for it”

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